Bible Basics 2019

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St Wilfrid's is so easy to get to - 5 min
s walk from main train station, 10 minute walk from main bus station, straight off Fishergate, Preston's main shopping street
7.30 – 9.30pm
St Wilfrid’s Parish Centre, 1 Chapel street, Preston PR1 8BU
All Welcome
Ever wondered how the Bible came about? Why Jesus celebrated the Passover? Or how the seemingly angry God of the Old Testament can be the same loving Father that Jesus tells us about? Ever wanted to understand how God chose and formed a people out of which our Salvation would come? Or perhaps just wanted to know more about some of the main characters that are mentioned time and again throughout the scriptures?

Join us for an interactive introduction to the key characters and stories of the Old Testament which help unlock the truth of the New Testament. With a map, a timeline and a family tree to help fit all the pieces together, we will collectively discover how the story of the people of Israel is our story, with all the joys, sorrows, triumphs and failures of our own walk with God.


Session 1
2nd May - The Bible
Content, style and how it was put together

Session 2
9th May - The Promise
Genesis and the Patriarchs

Session 3
16th May - Set Apart
Egypt, Exodus and the Promised Land

Session 4
23rd May - Rise…
Tribal homes, King David and the other kings

Session 5
30th May - …and Fall
Exile, the Prophets and waiting for liberation#

Session 6
6th June Wisdom
Poems, Psalms and Proverbs

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