Virtual Trip to Jerusalem

During the six weeks of Lent 2021 we will be cycling, running and walking the equivalent distance of Preston to Jerusalem – 5,255km  –  so that we can (virtually) arrive in time for the events of the Easter Triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday).

We made it!!!
Well ahead of schedule we have (virtually) arrived in Jerusalem! By Sunday 21st we had covered 5497.1km – that’s 242.1km more than we needed. So proud of all the effort our young leaders, staff and volunteers put into reaching our target so quickly. We have also done well on the fundraising side but have not quite reached our target yet. So there is still time to sponsor us if you haven’t already. Wouldn’t it be great if we could manage £1 for each km covered???

Led by our YOKE Young Leaders, a team from Metanoia Project will be raising funds to enable our ministry to continue despite the ongoing strain that the Covid restrictions are having on our finances. Please give generously!

Our daily sporting activities will be recorded using the Strava App and at the end of each week, we will share the total number of km covered. The best way to track our progress is here on this page.

The Strava group only records Sunday to Sunday and a week at a time, so we will add each week below as it expires. You will be able to see the overall total by adding the current week (above) to the running total of previous weeks. A you can see we made an excellent start!

Final Total = 6652.9Km

We will also post regular updates so you can see the places we have (virtually) reached along our journey and get to meet some of the people who are working hard to travel the miles in time.

By Sunday 14th March we had made it to Idlib in Syria on our virtual journey, that’s 4,652km. Join us in praying for all those suffering in Syria and all affected by conflict around the world.

Thank you for all the hugely generous donations we have received so far – If you still haven’t sponsored us then please consider heading over to

We only have 603km to go and 2 weeks to do it in – at the rate we have been going we might be there much sooner!

Another load of cycling, running and walking brought us (virtually) through Ankara on Sunday 7th, that’s 3,872km! We only have 1,383km to go so we will absolutely smash our target of arriving in Jerusalem for Holy Week – we might even make it by the end of this week! Sadly we are nowhere near our fundraising target though so please help us out by sharing our fundraiser around and by donating if you can – Thanks!

Continuing on our virtual journey, we reached Sofia, Capital City of Bulgaria, today 2nd March – that’s more than 2,900km in two weeks! We are absolutely smashing the km to get us to Jerusalem but we are not being as successful in fundraising – so far we have raised about 35p per km….
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We would be really grateful for anyone to share this fundraiser with their friends and families. And if you haven’t donated yet please consider visiting:
All your donations will help us continue with our ministry through these tough times!

By Sunday evening 21st February we had already (virtually) reached Wurzburg in Germany which looks delightful!