Growth Campaign

This is a really exciting time for Metanoia Project! In January we will celebrate our 7th birthday and when we look back over those years it is amazing to see all God has done, all the people He has touched and all the joys and struggles that have led us to this point. As we look ahead to 2018 there is the potential for so much more and we feel, after much prayer, that God is asking us to step out even further in faith and trust in His goodness to provide.

Can you help us to employ a Volunteer Coordinator and a Children and Families team leader? Can you help us realise a central part of the Metanoia Vision to establish a residential community house? Please read on…

Metanoia Project has around 30 fantastic volunteers, without whom the many events, outreaches and groups for adults and young people could not take place. But we need more if we are going to do more! So we would like to employ a full-time Volunteer Coordinator to ensure that our volunteers receive the best possible experience and provide the best possible ministry.

One area of our ministry that is set to expand in 2018 is our ministry to Children and Families. We already have one group for age 8-11 with another beginning early in the new year and other local Parishes and schools who would love to work with us. There are also plans underway to reach out to families with young children and so we hope to employ a Children and Families team leader to make this possible.

Incarnation House will be the name for our Metanoia Community home as we truly believe that it will be a place where the Lord Jesus, God made man, will dwell with us and that He calls us to cooperate with the Holy Spirit where He is ministering. The purpose of Incarnation House will be for community members to live, pray and worship together and form the heart of a Christ-centred community of lay people in Preston whilst we hope to continue to keep our work base at 1 Chapel Street, kindly provided for us by St. Wilfrid’s. The formation of a team of Gap Year Volunteers will be a central part of the community so as to develop a new generation of Catholics working for the New Evangelisation!

There is so much more that can be done and we currently have to turn down quite a few opportunities for ministry as we have reached our full capacity. As well as the Parishes and Schools who have requested our services, we have lots of ideas for the future but cannot move forward with any of them unless we can grow and expand.

How you can help!!

  1. Pray without ceasing that God will bless us abundantly in accordance with His will.
  2. If you know of any potential properties, please let us know!!


  • Hold a fundraising event or do a favourite sponsored activity!
  • Donate a one off donation (Don’t forget to GIFT AID it)
  • Make a monthly donation by filling in our Standing Order Form

See our ‘Funding’ page for how to go about the above


The Metanoia Madness Team will be running the Central Lancs. Half Marathon on 7th January 2018 as a Growth Campaign fundraising activity. You can sponsor the team here: